Experience The Future Of Healthcare


Dedicated to making the world a healthier place – one person at a time – global healthcare company NES Health is rapidly building an enviable reputation.

Following its discovery of the human body-field, NES Health has worked alongside the healthcare profession over the last 10 years, building up an impressive body of research and practical experience. In turn, this has led to a deeper understanding of the role the energy field has to play within the arena of health and wellbeing.

Excitingly, this means that healthcare is moving beyond simple bio-chemistry. Already, a growing number of medical doctors and therapists around the world have been working successfully with the new, innovative hand-held NES miHealth device – which activates the body’s self-healing abilities – and together with their clients, they’ve been seeing extraordinary results.

But it’s not just healthcare professionals who are being amazed at what the NES miHealth can achieve – medical staff at a premier league football club are also reporting excellent results.